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2013 WAGS Tournament Presented by the NSCAA
2013 WAGS Tournament Presented by the NSCAA ****Showcase Flights: The points available to your team are based on the specific teams you competed against at this event. The flight value is based on the top 5 teams in the entire flight. This means that the points available to each team in the showcase flights will vary. Each team has a specific flight value based on the their opponents in this event.

Team Information
Girls U20
    PSA WILDCATS ELITE '01/'02     New Jersey
Current Rank Change Championship
Total Points 9192
 National Rank 24
 Region 1 Rank 12
 New Jersey Rank 2
Team ID# 0773462     Coach: frank cocchi     Manager: frank cocchi

Viewing Location: EC Lawrence Park #2
Game Time Home Team Away Team Flight
8:00 AM
Girls U13 Cup Flight

11/27/2020 3:27:48 PM