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2013 WAGS Tournament Presented by the NSCAA
2013 WAGS Tournament Presented by the NSCAA ****Showcase Flights: The points available to your team are based on the specific teams you competed against at this event. The flight value is based on the top 5 teams in the entire flight. This means that the points available to each team in the showcase flights will vary. Each team has a specific flight value based on the their opponents in this event.

Team Information
Girls U17
    PSA WILDCATS ELITE '03 NPL     New Jersey
Current Rank Change Championship
Total Points 1650
 National Rank 407
 Region 1 Rank 126
 New Jersey Rank 29
Team ID# 0110443     Coach: Mary Hearin     Manager: Noelle Picone

Viewing Location: South Run Park #5
Game Time Home Team Away Team Flight
12:00 PM
Girls U15 B Flight

6/4/2020 1:36:06 PM