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Chicago International College Showcase, July 12-14 - 2013
Chicago International Soccer (CIS) is proud to announce its 1st Annual College Showcase. CIS's College Showcase is opportunity for high level teams and players to show their talent in front of College Coaches. This event is only for Girls U13 to U18 teams. This showcase is all about the players and getting exposure. We are only inviting high level teams and accepting 12 teams at each age level. This will allow the College Coaches to easily observe all of the players and teams. What a great opportunity for College Coaches to see some of the best teams and players in the Midwest . We are also looking for teams, outside the Midwest, that want their players seen by Midwest coaches. Less than an hour outside of the City of Chicago and a one game per day format makes this the perfect summer tournament for people to visit Chicago .

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