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The Albion Cup Showcase held in San Diego is a National Soccer Event with college exposure showcasing top teams in the country. The Showcase is open for teams to play in either the Top Showcase Group or the Cup Group and is for Boys and Girls U8-U19.


We are very excited that you will be participating in the Albion Cup National Showcase. We look to make the event a recruiting great for you and your staff. We will supply each coach with a college book and make sure throughout the event you are well fed and hydrated. There will be a college tent that will allow you to recline and get out of the sun if you desire. In addition, we are capable of putting up coaches in hotels on a first come, first basis so confirm that you will be attending and need a room. In addition, we will have a Friday Night VIP party for you guys.
Noah Gins, Albion SC

8/5/2021 5:12:00 PM