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Lacey Soccer Club 2012 Labor Day Memorial Tournament
Location: 8th Annual Soccerfest – Lacey Township, New Jersey Eligibility: Carded teams U8 – U14 registered with their state association. U11 – U14 teams will be permitted three guest players up to a maximum team roster of eighteen (18) players. U8 – U10 teams will be permitted up to two guest players to a maximum roster of fourteen (14) players. Players guesting on carded teams must present a player pass form their current State Association. Players may play with only one team during the Tournament. Rosters are frozen upon initial Tournament site check-in. No Secondary Cards Allowed. Games: Each team will play either three games. Duration of games is as follows: Division III & IV: 25 minutes halves Divisions: V & VI: 20 minutes halves Conference: Every effort will be made to align teams as to their competitive ability. Conference assignments are determined in part by the information included in your application. It is important that you report your team’s record accurately as well as provide information as to the league in which you participate so that additional information can be requested if necessary. Awards: Awards: First place teams for U11 – U14 in each conference will receive an award for each player. U8 – U10 will be non-competitive with all players receiving participation awards. In the spirit of sportsmanship, team patches will be exchanged after each match. Application Fees: $395.00 for U11 – U14, or $325.00 for U8 – U10.

Girls U12 Black
Team 1  Team 2  Team 3  Team 4  Points  Finish 
001) BEACHWOOD GALAXY GIRLS    1-3 0-1 1-1 1 3
002) GERMAN AMERICAN KICKERS ATTACK  3-1   0-4 2-1 6 2
003) BRICKTOWN LIGHTNING  1-0 4-0   2-0 9 1
004) BERKELEY SOCCER CHELSEA  1-1 1-2 0-2   1 3

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