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Hixson Has It! Ford Crossroads Cup
3/9/2013 - 3/10/2013

Hixon Has It! Ford Crossroads Cup 
Soccer Tournamen 


The number of field players at each age group will be in the following format:


                                                U-11/U-12       8 v 8

                                                U-13/U-19      11 v 11


The entry fees are: U-11/U-12 teams--$395 and U-13 through U-19 teams--$450.


The entry deadline is February 27, 2013 and teams are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.    


Hixon Has It! Ford Crossroads Cup Rules




In order to be eligible to participate in this tournament, each participating team must submit to a Tournament Officer by the specific date, the following documents:


  • A complete entry application
  • An official LSA roster
  • A check for the entry fee.

Team Check-in


A team representative must report to the registration area at the Johnny Downs Soccer Complex at least one (1) hour prior to the team’s first match for team check-in with the following documents:


  • An official LSA roster
  • Official USYS travel permit for out of state teams
  • Medical release forms for each player.
  • USYS laminated, signed, and league registrar approved player pass for individual players and coaches.  

Rules of Competition


FIFA laws of the game apply to all competitions except as otherwise provided.

-  Substitutions shall be per current Region III rules.


There will be no overtime periods.  Group games may end in a tie.  Semifinal and final matches ending in a tie will be settled by FIFA kicks from the mark.


Game Field and Team Responsibilities


Tournament Officials shall assign playing field(s).  Each team will abide by the following:


  • Be at your game ready to play, at the designated time.
  • First team listed is Home team.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed on the property and smoking is not permitted at either complex.
  • Game form is to be the official document and constitutes the record of the game. It is each coach’s responsibility to verify the final score.
  • Please leave the team area clean. If garbage is left around the team area then a penalty will be assessed by the Tournament Committee and may result in a points deduction.
  • Spectators must be on one side of field and players & coaches on the other. Technical areas and spectator boxes will be marked.
  • Playing Time – Louisiana Soccer Association 50% playing time shall apply for recreational brackets.

Cautions and Ejections


Any player or coach who is ejected will be ineligible to participate in the next tournament match. Further disciplinary actions may be imposed by the Tournament Committee.  All player cautions and ejections as noted by the referee of the match will be reviewed by the Tournament Committee, and action will be taken if necessary. **Any player or coach ejected must immediately report to the administration tent and remain there until the match is completed.  If the offender does not leave the field area within two minutes, or fails to report to the administration tent, the referee or tournament director will declare the match a forfeit.  Abuse of referees, tournament staff, or security staff will not be tolerated.



Termination of the Match


A match which is terminated by the referee for weather conditions will be rescheduled by the Tournament Committee.  This committee reserves the right to end the Tournament, shorten matches or reschedule matches in the event of inclement weather, and such decisions shall be final and binding.  Preliminary matches terminated after the start of the second half, due to weather, shall stand.  In the event the Tournament is terminated due to weather, winners will be determined under the point system.



Other Rules and Guidelines


Any situation not covered by these rules or LSA Policy Manual, Section 310 shall be decided by the Tournament Committee and shall be final and binding.
A maximum of 3 guest players are permitted (but you must not exceed your official roster size). Additionally, all player passes must be presented to the referee prior to the start of each match.



Tournament Determination of Winners



3 Points for a Win

1 Point for a Tie

0 Points for a Loss


Tie Breakers – Head to Head, Most Wins, Goal Differential (max of +4 per game), Least Goals against, Most Goals Scored (max of +4 per game), FIFA kicks from the mark.

 Mens Groups
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